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C4-Chemicals from Evonik Oxeno: CHEMISTRY4PEOPLE®

Welcome to Oxeno, a major producer of C4 chemicals. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of C4 chemistry. Our motto: Chemistry4People®

Our Products

Our products are used in various markets and industries, such as rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals.

Typical applications for our Rubber & PE monomers are synthetic rubber, latex products or high-quality plastics and coatings; as well as customers' end products, such as car tires, mattresses, sports bottles or food packaging.

Our Fuel Components are additives for gasoline fuels. They significantly increase the fuel efficiency of engines while reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Every time you fill your car with high-quality gasoline fuel, you may come across our C4 chemicals.

The main applications of our Oxo Alcohols & Plasticizers are surfactants, PVC plasticizers and high-quality PVC products. If you are decorating your home with a modern new wallpaper, you might choose one that contains our C4 chemicals.

The broadest portfolio of our C4 chemicals can be found in our specialty segment. Our customers use our Chemical Ingredients for various syntheses, organic peroxides, antioxidants, agrochemicals, resins, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, organic acids, fragrances, lubricants, polyurethanes as well as solvents.

Our Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Surfactant Intermediates, on the other hand, can be found, for example, as aerosol propellants in shaving foam or deodorants. In addition, these C4 chemicals are also used in cooling systems and as process solvents, or in various chemical applications such as surfactants and specialty esters.

Technical Specialties are components for numerous industrial products and processes. You will encounter these C4 chemicals, for example, in textiles, paper or various metal products.

Our business is based on partnership and efficiency

We offer you more than just our products. With more than 50 years’ experience, we have in-depth know-how in the global C4 chemical and downstream markets. Following the principle of "one face to the customer", we maintain direct contact with our customers and are a reliable partner for all their needs. Our multicultural and diverse team understands the requirements of our customers, wherever they are in the world. It is our ambition to be the best supplier for our customers. It is for this reason that we focus on long-term customer relationships based on high quality, efficiency and reliability. Through lean structures, coupled with continuous process optimization, we ensure that our C4 chemicals business is economically sustainable for both ourselves and our customers.

We place particular emphasis on resource-efficient production, new applications and C4 specialties, to ensure a sustainable C4 chemicals business.

Video "Our business in 60 seconds" (Oxeno was called Performance Intermediates before the renaming)

Our strong technology position

To ensure sustainability for our customers, we focus on optimizing processes, developing new products based on C4 chemicals, and supporting individual customer projects with our technical expertise.

Since November 2021, Oxeno has had ISCC-Plus and ISCC-EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certification for its production locations in Marl and Antwerp. This certifies the traceability of sustainable raw materials in the supply chain.

To further increase the value, efficiency and sustainability of the C4 process chain, we continuously develop our processes. As an industry leader in this field, we employ around 70 experts in hydroformylation, oligomerization and esterification. In our state-of-the-art application engineering laboratory, our technical specialists offer a wide range of analytical and testing methods, designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Public research funding is an important element of exploratory technology development for us. Our experts have been leading publicly funded research projects for many years. It is our ambition to fundamentally and sustainably develop the C4 Chemicals business through open innovation. Find out even more about our Innovative strength here.

Our production and logistics

We have been producing C4 chemicals for more than 50 years. With this experience, we have built up a cross-site production network that is unique in the world. In our two independent integrated production facilities in Marl (Germany) and Antwerp (Belgium), we process around two million metric tons of raw material per year. This corresponds to five tank cars per hour.

For us, logistics is a key component in our integrated production. We transport our products professionally and reliably from our locations to our customers across the globe. Working out the right supply and logistics concepts for our customers is an important component in meeting their needs. Here you can learn more about our C4 chemicals production.

How can you contact us?

Are you interested in our C4 chemicals, or were you unable to find certain information? Then please contact us directly by email, phone, LinkedIn or via our contact page. We will be happy to answer all your questions about our C4 chemicals and look forward to hearing from you.


Remark: Oxeno was called Performance Intermediates before the renaming

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