Vision, Mission and Purpose

We want to use this triad to describe Oxeno's direction and provide an anchor point for our identity.

Our vision: Chemistry4Future – We increase the value of  C4Chemicals sustainably.

“With the vision, we describe our long-term goal and give an idea of where we would like to see our business in the future. The vision serves as the leading point of orientation for all decisions and actions. We therefore align all our activities with this vision,” explains Managing Director Frank Beißmann.

Our mission: Chemistry4People® – We create the future of C4Chemistry together with our partners.

Gerhard Bachstädter, also Managing Director, adds: “Our mission describes what we do to achieve our vision - together with customers, suppliers and cooperation partners. It defines the objective of our work and describes our path into the future: we make chemistry for people through products that make life easier and contribute to a good standard of living.”

Our purpose: Oxeno – The C4Chemistry leader

Our Purpose is another essential component of the triad. It describes the reason why Oxeno exists and what we want to achieve. The purpose thus gives our actions an overarching meaning and serves as motivation for employees, applicants and customers. Or in other words: We are shaping C4-Chemistry through topics such as digitalization, sustainability, technologies, process optimizations - we want to be pioneers here.

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