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Your experts for a C4-based production network

In the C4-based chemical field we guarantee the highest product quality for more than 50 years. With this background, we have established a cross-site production network which is unique world wide.

We operate two integrated production sites in Marl and Antwerp

At our two sites in Marl, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium, we operate coordinated and integrated production networks. As the main raw material, crack C4 is present at the beginning of the value chain. This is obtained when crude oil is “cracked.”

We are technology leader in C4-Chemistry

Our integrated C4-technology platform features excellent exploitation of the raw materials: All the hydrocarbons present in crack C4 are used to create products. This saves resources and increases cost effectiveness.

Both production sites were expanded significantly in 2015. In our C4 plant in Marl, we also introduced a new and innovative procedure, which is unique world wide. The technology enables us now to process substance flows from the fluid-catalytic-cracking processes (FCC). With this innovation, we have cemented further our position as technology leader.


Due to the outstanding technical properties and high effectiveness of ELUCARE® TD (ITDA), global demand has been growing for years. We have reacted to the changing market conditions and expanded our production capacity high-purity C13 alcohol isotridecanol (ITDA) at the Marl Chemical Park accordingly. Get more information in our press release:

World wide unique usage of FCC-C4 improves raw material supply

C4 business is the only producer world wide who - in addition to applying Steam Cracker based “Crude C4” - can also make use of an unique raw material from refineries: Fluid Catalytic Cracking based “FCC-C4” . Follow the link and find more information about PI intelligent production network.

Watch our video on the new raw material supply with FCC-C4 and learn more about this topic in an entertaining and exciting way.

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