Our values

With our values, we create a common basis for the behavior and actions of all colleagues - among each other and also in cooperation with external partners.

Our values define the principles and convictions we represent at Oxeno and the behavior we expect from our employees. They therefore serve as a guide for decisions and actions within the company.

We want to use our values to promote a positive corporate culture and build and expand the trust and loyalty of our employees, customers and business partners.

Performance: We value expertise, diversity, and passion for performance as basis for our shared success.

Trust: We practice open communication and trust- and  respectful collaboration.

Courage: We are open to new ideas and have the courage for change.

Entrepreneurship: We act as entrepreneurs and rely on  teamwork.

Accountability: We are accountable for all our decisions.

Responsibility: We value safety, the environment and health as our greatest assets.

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