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VESTINOL® 9 (Di-isononyl-phthalat)

VESTINOL® 9 is a high-molecular-weight general purpose plasticizer for flexible PVC, which offers good value for money with a good balance of properties.

Plasticizers from Evonik

Plasticizers from Evonik offer manufacturers of flexible PVC and their products flexibility, safety and above-average technical performance with a consistently high level of quality.

They act like a molecular lubricant: The molecules sandwich themselves between the polymer chains of PVC. This makes the originally tightly-packed, rigid structure flexible, allowing the chains to slide past each other.

Our promises at a glance:

We offer our customers …

  • maximum delivery reliability: Our production in the Verbund ensures optimum supply to our customers. As a major producer of oxo alcohols, Evonik can guarantee continuous production of high-quality plasticizers.
  • a full service from a single source: We look after each customer from order to delivery according to their individual needs. As a well-coordinated team, we support our customers with technical as well as regulatory knowledge and inform them about new maximum delivery reliability.
  • a strong commitment to regulatory issues: Through active participation in various industry associations, Evonik is involved in the public debate surrounding regulatory issues. The aim is to incorporate scientifically sound data into the discussion and extend the life cycle of flexible PVC products. 


What is VESTINOL® 9?

VESTINOL® 9, also known as di-isononyl phthalate or DINP for short, is a very effective, high-molecular-weight plasticizer with a very balanced property profile. In Europe, VESTINOL® 9 is the most important universal plasticizer for PVC and is used in both thermoplastic and plastisol processing applications, demonstrating in both cases an excellent price-performance ratio and a wide range of applications.  

The versatile plasticizer is characterized by very good aging resistance, which contributes to a longer product life. Other important properties are good resistance to cold and low volatility.

What is VESTINOL® 9 used for?

VESTINOL® 9 is a plasticizer for a wide range of PVC applications (e.g. in roofing membranes, tarpaulins and underlay) and for flexibilizing paints, coatings and adhesives.

In flexible PVC products, VESTINOL® 9 is more than just an additive: it is an important component in achieving physical properties (e.g. degree of flexibility, heat resistance, durability). Without the ability to make PVC flexible, products such as tent tarpaulins or above-ground pools would not exist.

Its low volatility makes VESTINOL® 9 efficient in applications where the products are exposed to high temperatures, such as roofing membranes which have to withstand intense sunlight. In these cases, it makes the products more resistant to material fatigue. In interiors, VESTINOL® 9 is often found in wallpapers or flooring.

VESTINOL® 9 allows for great design freedom and versatility. Manufacturers can choose different degrees of flexibility to meet the specific mechanical and design requirements of each product.

One important field of application is automotive engineering: flexible PVC produced with VESTINOL® 9 extends the lifespan of modern cars. Carmakers choose flexible PVC for its protective properties. It provides a durable and protective layer for the chassis on the undercarriage, protects cars from road salt and reduces rust and corrosion.

The key properties of PVC products with VESTINOL® 9 include resistance to changing weather conditions and wear. Therefore, the construction industry is an important application area for flexible PVC with VESTINOL® 9. Because of its durability and water resistance, it is often used in roofing membranes or cladding elements to cover buildings and sports arenas.

A few technical details:

Di-isononyl phthalate is a mixture of organic chemical compounds belonging to the group of high-molecular-weight phthalates. It is a colorless liquid with a very faint odor.

VESTINOL® 9 is produced by the one-step esterification of phthalic anhydride with isononanol (INA) with the aid of a catalyst.

Here you will find further product information (e.g. technical data sheet, SDS, etc.) on VESTINOL® 9, our plasticizer brochure and an overview of our plasticizer portfolio.

Here you will find information on regulations at a glance.

Where is VESTINOL® 9 produced and how is it transported?

In our state-of-the-art C4 Verbund, we process various raw material streams such as crude-C4 or FCC-C4 (fluid catalytic cracking C4) from steam crackers or refineries. The product is produced at Evonik's site in Marl, Germany. We offer our customers the following means of transport for VESTINOL® 9: seagoing vessels, barges, tank trucks, and ISO containers.  

How can you contact us?

Roland Pietz, Head of Market Segment Oxo Alcohols & Plasticizers
Roland Pietz, Head of Market Segment Oxo Alcohols & Plasticizers
Dr. Michael Graß, Head of Application Technology for plasticizers
Dr. Michael Graß, Head of Application Technology for plasticizers

Roland Pietz, Head of Market Segment Oxo Alcohols & Plasticizers, and Dr. Michael Graß, Head of Application Technology for plasticizers, are your contact persons for all matters concerning the product VESTINOL® 9. They will help you with any questions you may have on this subject. Are you interested in our product? Then contact Roland Pietz or Dr. Michael Graß by e-mail or via LinkedIn (Roland Pietz & Dr. Michael Graß).

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