OxoPhos® 17

OxoPhos® 17 is a high-purity organic bisphosphite ligand. It is the "classic" among hydroformylation co-catalysts and a technical specialty.

What is OxoPhos® 17 and what is it used for?

OxoPhos® 17 (BIPHEPHOS) is a high-purity organic bisphosphite ligand with a chloride content of less than 250 ppm. The product is particularly suitable as a highly selective hydroformylation co-catalyst.

Hydroformylation reactions are homogeneously catalyzed reactions of hydrocarbons with carbon double bonds with carbon monoxide and hydrogen. In this way, olefins become aldehydes, which are extended by one carbon atom. They are the starting materials for a wide range of compounds such as plasticizer alcohols, solvents, fragrances and many more.

In complex catalysis, ligands arrange themselves around a central transition metal atom, such as rhodium, and together with this form the catalyst. Catalysts help convert certain starting materials into the desired products by enabling the reactions to take place energetically. They also control where and how a reaction partner is bound to a molecule during the reaction.

A few technical details:

There are various quality criteria for catalysts, such as the conversion to and the chemical nature of the resulting products. OxoPhos® 17 delivers very high conversions - up to 99 percent are possible.

The ligand design also has a major influence on the ratio of linear (n) to branched (iso) products through steric effects, with the n/iso selectivity of OxoPhos® 17 in isomerizing hydroformylation being particularly high at up to 99:1.

Moreover, OxoPhos® 17 is extremely pure and, with a chlorine content of less than 250 ppm, virtually chloride-free. This ligand can also be used in further reactions, for example in hydroaminomethylation.

Here you can find additional product information (e.g. technical data sheet, SDS, etc.) on OxoPhos® 17 and a brochure

Where OxoPhos® 17 is produced and how it is transported?  

In our state-of-the-art C4 Verbund, we process various raw material streams such as crude-C4 or FCC C4 (fluid catalytic cracking C4) from steam crackers or refineries. The product is produced at Evonik's site in Marl, Germany. OxoPhos® 17 is available in special containers.  

All hydroformylation processes are under one roof at our company. Our know-how in the field of ligand development is protected with over 100 active patents and patent applications.

Our team has extensive expertise in the field of hydroformylation process improvement and we offer OxoPhos® 17 to our customers in quantities ranging from just a few grams up to several tons: with total flexibility and tailored to our customers' individual requirements.

How you can contact us?  

Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker, Market Segment Head Specialties
Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker, Market Segment Head Specialties
Dr. Anna-Chiara Sale, Marketing Manager Specialties
Dr. Anna-Chiara Sale, Marketing Manager Specialties

The head of our hydroformylation research, Prof. Dr. Robert Franke, is your technical contact for OxoPhos® 17. Together with your commercial contact, Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker, he will help you with any questions you may have on this topic. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact Dr. Anna Chiara Sale, who will be happy to help you with both technical and commercial questions. Are you interested in our product? Then contact Prof. Dr. Robert Franke, Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker or Dr. Anna-Chiara Sale by e-mail or via LinkedIn (Hinnerk Becker, Anna-Chiara Sale).

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