Pure C4 alcohol in two grades

Tertiary butanol (TBA)

Tertiary butanol (TBA) is a high-purity intermediate mainly used for the production of organic peroxides and antioxidants. It is available in two grades: pure and azeotropic.

What is TBA and what is it used for?  

Tertiary butanol, or TBA for short, is a pure C4 alcohol. TBA is used as a high-purity, high-quality intermediate in the production of organic peroxides and antioxidants, and as a reaction component and solvent in the manufacture of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In addition, TBA is also used as an intermediate in the production of crop protection products and as a denaturant for cosmetic alcohols. Our TBA is offered in different qualities (pure and azeotropic). The TBA content of the pure grade is at least 99.65 percent, and that of the azeotropic grade is at least 87.25 percent.

A few technical details:

In addition to purity, the two product grades also differ in terms of their aggregate state. The pure grade is liquid, flowable and pumpable only at elevated temperatures (> 30°C). The azeotropic grade, on the other hand, is liquid and pumpable over a much wider temperature range, especially at room temperature and also below.

Here you will find further product information (e.g. technical data sheet, SDS, etc.) on Tert.-Butanol (TBA) azeotrope and Tert.-Butanol (TBA) pure.

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Where is TBA produced and how is it transported?  

In our state-of-the-art C4 Verbund, we process various C4-based raw material streams from steam crackers and refineries, such as crude-C4 (so-called CC4) or FCC-C4 (fluid catalytic cracking-C4). The high C4 purity of the intermediates enables the production of particularly high-quality derivatives. The use of special purification and processing technologies safely eliminates any undesirable impurities. Our continuous production ensures the constant and reliable availability of our products. Our TBA is manufactured in continuous dedicated production processes at Evonik's largest production site in Marl, Germany.

TBA is available in tank trucks, tank containers and drums. We offer deliveries of drums in full container load (FCL). This means 4 barrels per pallet and 80 barrels per FCL for overseas shipment, or 88 barrels each for road transport. Each barrel of TBA azeotropic contains 160 kg, each barrel of TBA neat 155 kg. TBA can be stored extremely well and easily.

How can you contact us?

Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker, Market Segment Head Specialties
Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker, Market Segment Head Specialties
Dr. Anna-Chiara Sale, Marketing Manager Specialties
Dr. Anna-Chiara Sale, Marketing Manager Specialties

Dr. Hinnerk Becker, Dr. Anna-Chiara Sale and Sebastian Hotz are your contact persons for all matters concerning the product tertiary butanol. They will help you with any questions you may have on this subject. Are you interested in our product? Then contact Hinnerk Becker, Anna-Chiara Sale or Sebastian Hotz by e-mail or via LinkedIn (Hinnerk Becker, Anna-Chiara Sale, Sebastian Hotz).

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