Stability. Heat resistanCe at its perfection.

ELATUR® TM (Tri-isononyl trimellitate)  

ELATUR® TM is a high performing specialty plasticizer with superior temperature resistance and very low volatility for demanding applications. 

Plasticizers from Evonik  

Plasticizers from Evonik offer manufacturers of flexible PVC and their products flexibility, safety and above-average technical performance with consistently high quality.

They act like a molecular lubricant: The molecules sandwich themselves between PVC's polymer chains. This makes the originally tightly packed, rigid structure moveable, allowing the chains to slide past each other.

Our promises at a glance:

We offer our customers …

  • maximum delivery reliability: Our production in the Verbund ensures an optimum level of supply to our customers. As a major producer of oxo alcohols, Evonik can guarantee uninterrupted production of high-quality plasticizers.
  • an all-round service from a single source: We look after each customer from order to delivery, according to their specific needs. As a well-coordinated team, we support our customers with our technical and regulatory expertise and inform them about new developments. 
  • strong focus on regulatory issues: Through active participation in various industry associations, Evonik is actively involved in the public debate surrounding regulatory matters. The aim is to incorporate scientifically sound data into the discussion and extend the life cycle of flexible PVC products. 

What is ELATUR® TM and what is it used for?  

ELATUR® TM is specialty plasticizer which is based on our raw material INA (isononanol). Its superior temperature resistance makes it an ideal plasticizer for high temperature cable applications. And due to its superior low volatility and ultra-low fogging ELATUR® TM is also the ideal candidate for automotive interiors like artificial leather.

With the ELATUR® family, Evonik offers plasticizers of the latest generation which makes polymer materials flexible and smooth in processing and in use.

A few technical details:

ELATUR® TM features superior temperature resistance which makes it a preferred choice for high temperature cables. In combination with the excellent electrical resistance, ELATUR® TM offers an outstanding stability in high temperature applications and withstands the most demanding conditions. The high resistance and low volatility ensures perfect insulation of the cable, thus make it durable, safe and reliable even under the highest load.

In addition, ELATUR® TM is suitable for car interior applications such as dashboards, car seats, and steering wheel coverings. Due to its excellent low volatility level and ultra-low fogging behavior ELATUR® TM is an ideal product for high quality artificial leather.

Here you can find further product information (e.g. technical data sheet, SDS, etc.) about ELATUR® TM, our plasticizer brochure  and an overview of our plasticizer portfolio.

How is ELATUR® TM produced and transported?

In our state-of-the-art C4 Verbund, we process various raw material streams such as crude-C4 and FCC-C4 (Fluid Catalytic Cracking-C4) from steam crackers or refineries. ELATUR® TM is produced by using isononanol from our own production Verbund. We offer our customers the following means of transport for ELATUR® TM: tank trucks and ISO containers. During market introduction, we also provide smaller packaging units, e.g. in IBC containers.

How can you contact us?  

Dr. Melike Bayram, Head of Technical Service for plasticizers
Dr. Melike Bayram, Head of Technical Service for plasticizers
Sara Raschke, Marketing Manager Plasticizers
Sara Raschke, Marketing Manager Plasticizers

Dr. Melike Bayram, Head of Technical Service for plasticizers, and Sara Raschke, Marketing Manager Plasticizers, are your contacts for further information about ELATUR® TM. They will help you with any questions you may have on this topic. Are you interested in our product? Then contact Dr. Melike Bayram or Sara Raschke by e-mail or via LinkedIn (Dr. Melike Bayram, Sara Raschke).

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