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Specialties - Pharma, Cosmetic & Surfactant Intermediates

Our products DRIVERON®, DRIVOSOL® and ELUCARE® TD are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

Our Pharma, Cosmetic & Surfactant Intermediates

Performance Intermediates is a major producer of C4-based materials for the rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals markets. Within the market segment Specialties, we offer different products such as DRIVERON®, DRIVOSOL® or ELUCARE® TD (Isotridecyl alcohol). ELUCARE® TD is a special C13 oxo alcohol from pure C4 processing. ELUCARE® TD is mainly used for surfactants and specialty esters.

ELUCARE® TD (Isotridecyl alcohol/ITDA)

Specialties in 60 Seconds

Watch our Specialties in 60 Seconds video to get further information on our C4 Specialties

Our Logistic Options

We offer the following means of transportation of DRIVERON®S, DRIVOSOL® and ELUCARE® TD to our customers according to product:

  • Seagoing Tank Containers
  • Rail Tank Cars
  • Trucks

main Applications

Our high-purity products are ideally suitable for the requirements our customers’ needs such as:

  • Process solvent
  • Aerosols
  • Intermediate for surfactants

Benefits to our customers

DRIVERON® S is a solvent that is stable against peroxidation for safe production process and recovery.

DRIVOSOL® is a safe odor free aerosol propellant that is free of sulfur, aromatics, butadiene, and chlorine.

ELUCARE® TD is a high quality intermediate for modern, versatile and safe surfactants production.

Dedicated continuous production warrants constant availability and reliable supply

Fun facts about us

  • Our specialty products can be found in a multitude of items including chewing gum, hairspray, and even our everyday clothes.
  • Our specialties were developed as a result of our dedication to sustainability.