#WMA – The day after the party

Do you still remember the garden party that moved indoors due to sudden rain where we met last time at the end of summer?

A bottle of wine was spilled but the host remained relaxed due to his stylish and easy to clean PVC flooring. Imagine it is the day after the party. The host wakes up, gets his first cup of coffee, turns the music on and then starts cleaning up the party leftovers. He pours water into a bucket to swipe the floor first. He adds household cleanser, dips the mop into the water and there you go. Before he starts swiping the floor, we met already!

You wonder where we have met this time.

Well this time our Oxo Alcohol 2-PH (2-Propylheptanol) could have been an ingredient in the household cleanser the host just poured into the bucket of water. 2-PH is convenient to use and has a good solubility.

As we make Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.