Trees start growing again, flowers are flourishing and temperatures are rising, its spring!

The cold weather is over and you start feeling ready to spend time outside, but what to do? Take your family out for a picnic! First, you go for grocery shopping: buy bread, fruits, cheese and drinks. Pack up your blanket, then fill your picnic basket and a beautiful spring afternoon can begin! But don’t forget your family and friends!

Again, we have met already!

You wonder where? Well, this time in the cheese package you just bought! The glue on the edge of the package contains one of our products: Butene-1. Our Butene-1 is the star in this application! It is regularly used in the production of food packaging and in this case, your re-closeable cheese packaging would not work without it! Butene-1 provides the characteristic flexibility of the synthetic glue on the edge of the package, making it reusable more than once!

Why is it important?

Making the package reusable, reduces the produced plastic waste and preserves the environment for future generations! We are proud to take part in that idea!

As we make Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

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