The Football World Cup 2018 in Russia is one of this year’s athletic highlights. One of the most famous international sports peaks in a spectacular event.

Experiencing this event with your fellow colleagues, friends, family or just any football fan is always a special occasion. Where are you watching the games this year? During parties, BBQ afternoons or even in the stadium itself the sport can strengthen or separate community bonds. On an international level however, the competition mostly remains fair and in the end the best is supposed to win and be respected! So if you are going to the public viewing this year enjoy the international tolerance and support your favorite national team shooting itself to the trophy!

And also in this situation, we met already!

Already wondering where? The footballs themselves often contain plasticizers and in this case one of our products! Usually their inside is made of synthetic plastic balls and the outside of synthetic leather. This plastic or synthetic material either contains VESTINOL®9 or ELATUR®CH, which are plasticizers applied among other things in special PVC-flooring and thermoplastics. It makes the ball flexible, robust and durable, to ensure optimal usage on the pitch! We are #proud to be part of such a product, spending so much fun and community around the world!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

Want to know more about the product? Visit: http://bit.ly/market-segment-plasticizers

Or get in direct contact with our expert: @Hinnerk G. Becker