Our history

A new C4 plant came on stream in Antwerp 20 years ago, in 2002 as the result of a 50-million euro investment.

On February 22, 2002 the “K-1360” column of the Oxeno plant in Antwerp was first filled with N-Butane. This marked the first step in the commissioning of the Antwerp site, which was new to the C4-business. The new site should make it possible to respond even better to global customer needs in the future – according to the motto "Chemistry4People®".

This has paid off: continuous expansions in the following years show how successful the C4 chemistry has arrived in Antwerp.

The Oxeno plant manufactures products based on C4 raw materials. C4-based products from Antwerp are mainly used as chemical intermediates. After partial processing at OXENO in Marl and by our customers, C4 products can be used in applications covering areas ranging from cars to living rooms and leisure, to textiles and cosmetics.

Evonik Oxeno has a strong market and technology position in C4 products. With its production facilities in Marl and Antwerp the company has built up an integrated C4 production network with modern methods based on in-depth know-how in the global C4 chemical and downstram markets.