Summer is approaching and you enjoy exercising and spending quality time outdoors.

You go for a run, do functional exercises outdoors or jointly exercise with your friends. Choose your favorite and go ahead: Sweat is crying fat leaving your body and every little drop will be worth the awesome feeling afterwards. Taking a shower after the workout and putting on deodorant makes you feel refreshed and energized. You cannot wait to meet your friends again and spend the evening outdoors as well.

Again, we have met already!

You wonder where we met this time? Now, it was in your deodorant. The deodorant contains DRIVOSOL®, an odorless and environmentally friendly aerosol of hydrocarbons. It can be used for cosmetic applications and the different pressure stages fit to the specific requirements of deodorants, shaving foam and hair mousse.

Moreover you can find our DRIVOSOL® in insect repellants, spray paints and household applications like shoe spray and oven spray.

What makes it special?

The scope of application of propellants like DRIVOSOL® is diverse making it an allrounder in the industry, which is not to be missed anymore!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

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