Press release
Performance Intermediates
August 2, 2017

Sustainable and regionally engaged

Evonik wins "Sustainable Business Awards Singapore".

It was the first time Evonik (SEA) Pte. Ltd. had entered the competition, but it immediately won three Sustainable Business Awards Singapore 2017 in the categories "Energy Management", "Best Newcomer" and "Business Responsibility and Ethics – Special Recognition". "We are delighted to receive these awards,” said Peter Meinshausen, President Evonik Asia Pacific South. "Sustainable operations and responsible action are two of the cornerstones of Evonik’s business model. Sustainability has developed into a growth driver for many of our businesses, especially in Southeast Asia.”

The award is conferred by the Global Initiatives media company in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers and granted to companies that make a special contribution to environmental protection, the wellbeing of their workforce, the value chain, and the surrounding area. For the panel of judges, all data must be systematically collected and verifiable.

Evonik won this award not only for its global sustainability activities, but also for its regional involvement. For example, the specialty chemicals company continuously optimizes its production facilities and processes to conserve resources and increase its energy efficiency. In addition, as a responsible neighbor, Evonik contributes to positive social development at its corporate sites. One example of this is that staff at the Map Ta Phut site in Thailand regularly help to clean up neighboring beaches. In addition, young managers from Evonik volunteer in Vietnam, building houses for needy families under the Habitat for Humanity program.

The entry for the Sustainable Business Award Singapore was made jointly by the Corporate Responsibility Division and the Evonik Asia Pacific South Region. It is a perfect example of good networking and cross-divisional collaboration in the Group.