Simply eBusiness with Performance Intermediates

“We make digitalization simple”: Our new video shows how we use digitalization in sales and distribution.

Our eBusiness solution 'C4Connect'

Our vision, Chemistry4People, puts you, our customers, firmly in focus. With our range of digital offers on the C4Connect smart platform, we meet our customers’ requirements for fast and efficient business processes.

In our new video we outline what exactly eBusiness means at Performance Intermediates, where we explain what C4Connect is all about: C4Orders, C4EDI, and the C4DRIVOSOL® Tuner. A novel feature is the C4Business Tool, which will go live in several stages from early 2019. In the future you will be able to view all the important business information relating to your orders, contracts, and joint projects with us—with just a few clicks. Also being planned is C4Buy, a bidding platform for spot quantities, where after prior registration you can bid for MTBE, butadiene, INA, 2-PH, and n-butane.