Press release
Performance Intermediates
November 14, 2017

Reaching you the digital way

An event on the topic of digitalization was very well received by our customers and business partners.

Digital trends and new developments in business-to-business (B2B) sales were the focus of a recent event we put on for customers and business partners during the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) conference in Berlin. Around 60 customers and other business partners came to discuss and hear about digital topics together with us.

Guest speaker Ryan McLaughlin, founder of the company, provided important insights into the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as their impact on the B2B sector. “The era of digitalization hasn’t just begun, we’re right in the middle of it,” said McLaughlin. “In companies, digitalization doesn’t just require technological changes; it calls for a change in culture, too.”

Frank Dallmann, head of the Systems & Services unit at Performance Intermediates, provided an overview of our current activities in the area of digitalization. “We want to be better connected with our customers and suppliers in the digital world,” said Dallmann. “Going forward, our customer portal and additional online sales channels will allow us to orient our business even more towards the needs of our customers and enable us to react faster.”

Our plans call for the customer portal and electronic sales channel to go live as soon as next year. “The discussion with our customers and business partners on digital topics has given us a lot of motivation to push ahead with the path we’ve started on,” said Dallmann. “We have taken on their comments and will put these into action where opportunities arise.”