Press release
Performance Intermediates
June 26, 2017

Plasticizer symposium strengthens customer relationships

With our “1st Evonik Plasticizer Symposium 2017,” we want to promote dialog with our key customers in the plasticizers area. The all-day specialist event takes place in Marl on June 29.

Plasticizers are the subject of much public discussion, and there is a need for clarification. With our customer symposiums, we live up to our responsibility to provide objective communication and we provide our customers with arguments and information for the discussions with their customers,” explains Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker, head of the plasticizers market segment.
The morning session of the symposium will feature specialist presentations on the topics of “markets,” “strategies,” and “regulation.” Here we hope to gain a detailed picture of the current market situation and discuss our product strategy in detail with our customers. This will be followed by presentations on the topics of “regulation + product safety,” in which we will provide our customers with an extensive update on these fields.
The afternoon session will be practice-based: In a workshop on the topic of “digitalization,” we want to begin by shedding light on the comprehensive and exciting facets of this vast area. Following this, there will be a tour of our modern applied technology labs during which we will demonstrate our innovative strength and our technical expertise in the plasticizers field even beyond our current products VESTINOL® 9, VESTINOL® INB and ELATUR® CH. To round off the specialist symposium, we will spend the evening at the Zeche Zollverein coal mine industrial complex in Essen.
“For us, the plasticizer symposium is the ideal format to facilitate intensive dialog with our customers and to deliver our key messages ‘unfiltered.’ We can reinforce our customer loyalty and we have the opportunity to present ourselves as the solution provider in the plasticizers sector,” says Dr. Hinnerk Gordon Becker.