Ronald Rickert

PI IN PERSON - Ronald Rickert

We are Performance Intermediates and one of us is: Ronald Rickert!

What is your job in our BL Performance Intermediates?

On the one hand I am controller for the OXO part of the Verbund and on the other hand I am involved in almost all projects of our business line (investment, R&D, digitization, business projects) for the purpose of economic evaluation.

What excites you most about our BL Performance Intermediates?

1. The colleagues.

2. The business line is characterized by an interesting mix of evolved culture and the urge to continue to develop.

Without what are you never on the way to work?

Optional Cola Light or Zero.

What's your perfect weekend?

Lots of sun, sports and family, and just a little gardening. And if the weekend ends with a mojito in hand at the beach, it is pretty much perfect.