Nicole Kaß


We are Performance Intermediates and one of us is: Nicole Kaß!

What is your function/role in Performance Intermediates?

I work as a chemical lab technician within our Research & Development and Quality Control department at our site in Marl, Germany.

What does your typical day in the laboratory look like, if that exists?

What is “typical“!? :-) No two days' work are ever the same! That is exactly what makes it so interesting. Sometimes my day starts with controlling the equipment and taking quality control measurements. While enjoying a cup of coffee, I insert the results of these tests into the system. Subsequently we will discuss the results with the group leaders to agree on potential next steps.

What should a Sunday breakfast always contain?

Café latte and smoked salmon

How would you describe yourself?

I am always in a good and joyful mood! A nice colleague once said I was the sunshine of building 785 :-)

Which is your favorite travel destination?

My absolute favorite travel destination is Noderney, a German island in the north sea and my personal Hawaii :-)