The ligand OxoPhos® 17 is the classic among hydroformylation cocatalysts and one of our technical specialties.

Main applications

Hydroformylation reactions are homogeneously catalyzed reactions between hydrocarbons containing carbon-carbon double bonds, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. The reaction converts olefins to aldehydes containing one additional carbon atom. These are starting materials for a variety of compounds, including plasticizer alcohols, solvents, and aromatic principles.

In metal complex catalysis, ligands are grouped around a central transition-metal such as rhodium and, together with it, form the catalyst. Catalysts facilitate the reactions converting certain starting materials to the desired products by enabling the reactants to overcome an energy barrier. They also control where and how a reactant binds to another molecule in the reaction.

OxoPhos® 17
OxoPhos® 17

Benefits to our customers

Various quality criteria exist for catalysts, such as the conversion rate of the reaction and the chemical characteristics of the products obtained. OxoPhos® 17 produces excellent conversion rates, which may be as high as 99 percent.

Ligand design also strongly influences, by way of steric effects, the ratio of linear (n) to branched (iso) products; the n/iso selectivity of OxoPhos® 17 in isomerizing hydroformylation is particularly high and could even reach 99:1.

Moreover, OxoPhos® 17is highly pure and, with a chlorine content of less than 250 ppm, virtually chloride-free. This ligand can also be used in other reactions, such as hydroaminomethylation.

Our commitment

All our hydroformylation processes are housed under a single roof and our expertise in the area of ligand development is protected by more than 100 active patents and patent applications.

Our team possesses extensive expertise in the area of process improvement for hydroformylation, and we offer our customers OxoPhos® 17 in quantities ranging from a few grams to several metric tons, flexibly and individually tailored to their requirements.

Our highly qualified interdisciplinary teams would be happy to help you. Please just contact us!