Press release
July 9, 2019

New brands for a strong appearance

To underline our forefront eBusiness activities we now got one step further! Our ebusiness solutions ´C4Connect®` as well as our vision ´Chemistry4People®` are now protected brands.

In the Marketing & Sales department of the Performance Intermediates Business Line, digitalization means the development of digital services for targeted interaction and collaboration with customers. The aim is to generate significant added value for customers, boost customer loyalty, and establish new customer relationships to strengthen and expand PI’s market position in global competition in the long term.

The C4 business of Performance Intermediates (which focuses on using and finishing raw materials with 4 C atoms), therefore also relies on new brands in customer communication and e-business solutions.

“We are delighted that our vision of Chemistry4People® as well as our e-business solutions associated with C4Connect® have turned into a protected brand. That will strengthen our appearance and recognition value and will set us further apart from the competition,” says Dirk Höhler, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales at Performance Intermediates. “Because the focus of our activities is on our customers, we will optimize our online platform C4Connect® together with our customers to further expand it and set new standards in our markets. We will jointly shape the future of C4 chemistry.”

The protected brand-name C4Connect® brings together all digital e-business solutions of PI in the areas of communication, order and business management.

C4EDI® (EDI = Electronic Data Exchange) is a data exchange platform and serves to improve ordering and billing processes with customers – for more efficient processing on both sides. Specifically, this is achieved by means of an Elemica connection.

C4Orders® is the matching order management portal, where customers have online access to current and completed orders.

DRIVOSOL® comprises the gas components iso-butane, propane und n-butane and is used as a spray propellant in the cosmetics industry, including in shaving foam and deodorants. The respective mixing ratio is always created based on individual buyer requirements. The DRIVOSOL® tuner enables customers to define the desired ratio of iso-butane, propane and n-butane via an internet tool and provides direct access to the relevant safety and technical data sheets.

C4Buy® is a specially developed bidding platform, in which spot quantities of MTBE, 1,3-butadiene and n-butane are sold. Almost 10,000 metric tons of products have already been sold via this new spot platform over the past weeks.

C4Business®, the next C4Connect® module, is already in the works. The platform will provide customers with an overview of PI business metrics, collaboration opportunities for joint projects as well as access to customer-specific market information.

True to PI’s slogan, “We make digitalization simple,” a pilot application is being developed together with three customers, which will be further expanded over the course of the year.