The weekend was again way too short, the alarm rings too early and you need to get yourself ready! Work is not solving itself without you!

That is how every other week might start. Some call it the “typical Monday”. Despite a lack of motivation you somehow manage to get up. A crucial morning decision arises: first having a breakfast or going to the bath? No matter what comes first, you have to do both and make yourself ready for work; taking a shower, brushing your teeth and styling yourself. Men might shave and put wax or styling gel into their hair, while women might put up makeup and perfume. Then you are ready for the first day of the new week!

And again, we have met already!

But where? This time most likely the men will have met us. The shaving foam you just used contains one of our products! The foam comprises DRIVOSOL®, an aerosol propellant, which is used to enable spraying procedures in spraying cans or in this case the foaming of the material. It is NOT reacting with the material, but equipping the gases and materials with additional attributes, making them usable in various different appliances of propellants.

Equipped with this knowledge this week can only become a good one!

As we make "Chemistry4People" – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

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