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Our oxo oils and our linear oligomers, as well as our Phosphite Ligand are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

Our Technical Specialties

Performance Intermediates is a major producer of C4-based materials for the rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals markets. Within the market segment Specialties, we offer different products such as tetrabutene, tetrabutane as well as our oxo oils HS9, LS9 and LS13, which are applicable in numerous industrial sectors.

Oxo oils:

Linear oligomers:

Phosphite Ligand:

OxoPhos® 17

Our OxoPhos® 17 (BIPHEPHOS) is an important organic diphosphite ligand. More information about the product and the crystal structure are now available in the IUCr database: Structure description BIPHEPHOS

our logistc options

We offer the following means of transportation of oxo oils and linear oligomers to our customers according to product:

  • Trucks
  • Barges
  • Seagoing Vessels

Main applications

Oxo oil HS 9 is a complex mixture of paraffinic components with a self-emulsifiing effect, which is used, among other things, as a solvent, for coatings, in leather and textile processing and for industrial water treatment.

Oxo oil LS 13 is a C12-rich hydrocarbon mixture with a high olefin content, which can be used as a solvent.

Oxo oil LS 9 is a C8-rich hydrocarbon mixture that can be used as a solvent.

Tributene is an olefin-containing hydrocarbon consisting of branched C12 olefinisomers and used as an intermediate in the chemical industry or as a fuel component.

Tetrabutane is a C16-rich, branched paraffin mixture, which is used as a solvent as well as as a component and/ or glare component for the production of technical white oils, lubricants and drilling oils as well as in industrial water treatment.

Tetrabutene is a C16-rich, branched olefin mixture, which is used as a solvent as well as as a component and/ or glare component for the production of lubricants, fuels and drilling oils, as well as in industrial water treatment.

benefit to our customers

High purity of our intermediates facilitates the production of high-value derivatives for our customers. Our dedicated continuous production warrants constant availability and reliable supply.

Fun fact about us

  • Our specialty products can be found in a multitude of items including chewing gum, hairspray, and even our everyday clothes.
  • Our specialties were developed as a result of our dedication to sustainability.

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