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Rubber & PE Monomers

Our Rubber & PE Monomers are the co-monomers in the production of synthetic rubber, lattices and high-quality plastics.

Our Rubber & PE Monomers

Performance Intermediates is a major producer of C4-based materials for the rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals markets. Within the market segment Rubber & PE Monomers, we offer different products such as Butadiene, our key monomer in the production of synthetic rubbers and latex, Butene-1 mainly used in the production of high-quality plastics such as Polyethylene and poly(1-Butene). Furthermore, we are offering high-purity n-Butane and isobutane for various markets as well as Butane-mixtures. Isobutane is especially manufactured and purified for use as an aerosol propellant.


1,3 Butadiene




Our logistic options

We offer the following means of transportation of our Rubber & PE Monomers to our customers:

  • Seagoing Vessels
  • Barges
  • Rail Tank Cars
  • Trucks
  • Tank Containers
  • Iso-Containers


Butadiene used in the plastics and rubber industry, for example, in synthetic rubber in car tires and also as an additive in rubber-coated carpet linings. In the soles of sports shoes, it ensures elasticity and durability.
Our rubber monomers are also featured in the electronics industry, appliances, and the building industry. They are important intermediate products in the production of rubber, and plastics for use in applications such as paper coatings, examination gloves, mattresses, conveyer belts, etc.

Butene-1 is mainly used in the production of high-quality plastics such as polyethylene and poly(1-butene). Important applications of Butene-1 are packaging materials such as films, bags, and food packaging. It provides special properties such as greater tensile strength. In the construction industry as well, our Butene-1 is widely used – for example, in the manufacture of pipes and hot adhesives or containers. It can also be found in diverse chemical applications, such as the production of butene oxide and valeric acid and as a component in bio-refining processes.


We provide high purity >99.6% (Butadiene) and >99.6% (Butene-1) of our products, which optimizes the product yield and quality of our customers.

Butene-1 provides an excellent price-performance ratio for polyethylene products. Our continuous production warrants consistent and reliable availability.

With our large storage capacity that is best in class, we offer our customers unique flexibility.

Fun facts about us

  • Every year we produce enough Butadiene that we could supply 3.58 million cars with new tires.
  • We produce enough Butene-1each year to fill a train of rail tank cars that is 52 km long.
Watch our Rubber & PE Monomers in 60 seconds video to learn more about our Rubber & PE Monomers.

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