Job rotation – Tim & his time at Raffinate I/II Processing (Part I)

Have you ever thought about switching your job with someone else? That's what Tim, plant operator in the oxo plant, also asked himself. When his supervisor told him about "job rotation", he was immediately excited about the pilot project.

In the pilot project "job rotation at PI" employees from the production get the chance to work in another production plant for a predefined time while taking over new tasks. The idea for this project came up in an internal workshop on agile working methods together with HR. This idea was then further developed by HR and plant managers, which resulted in the launch of the pilot project last year. The plants at PI are interdependent due to the Verbund structure, so it is important that employees understand the different processes and dependencies in order to build a common understanding between the plants.

Tim, who completed his training as a chemical technician in 2012 and then continued his training until 2017 to become an industrial supervisor for the chemical industry, has been working as a plant operator in the oxo plant since he graduated from his apprenticeship. "After many years of working in the same plant, I am looking forward to getting to know other ways of working and to broaden my horizons on process engineering. I hope that I will be able to take some ideas from the processes at Raffinate I/II Processing and apply them to our plant," says Tim. To be the new member of a well-coordinated team that had known each other for a long time is a challenge that Tim Matyla happily accepts: : "I would like to support the team there from the very beginning and perhaps, in return, bring in one or two ideas from the Oxo plant".

In the second part of this article, Tim will share some of his experiences at the Raffinate I/II Processing.