Press release
Performance Intermediates
October 6, 2017

Innovatively into the future

Performance Intermediates at symposium for PVC plastisols

 “Innovativ in die Zukunft” (Innovatively into the future) is the theme of the symposium for PVC plastisols organized by the German Plastics Center (SKZ) on October 10 at its headquarters in Würzburg. In Germany, the Plastics Center is recognized as the key know-how hub for all matters relating to plastics and their processing. The event will focus on current trends for the manufacture and processing of PVC plastisols.

“As an innovative solution provider for the global soft-PVC industry, we set standards in the market,” says Dr. Hinnerk Becker. The head of the Plasticizers market segment in Performance Intermediates will speak at the symposium about the role of plasticizers in the manufacture of PVC. “For many years now, the PVC plastisols symposium at the SKZ in Würzburg has been the main industry event in Germany on the topic of PVC plastisols and their processing. With the broad mix of participants from raw materials producers and PVC processors, exciting discussions and new insights are guaranteed,” says Becker.