Press release
Performance Intermediates
June 21, 2018

ELATUR® DPT production successfully goes on-stream

Performance Materials has developed ELATUR® DPT, a new, highly attractive specialty plasticizer with good gelling properties, low volatility, and outstanding processing characteristics. The product delivers its full potential in combination with ELATUR® CH, a non-phthalate plasticizer from Evonik that expands the product’s processing window still further.

“We’ve now delivered the first commercial batches of ELATUR® DPT to our customers. Feedback from the market has been very positive,” says Hinnerk Gordon Becker, who is head of the plasticizer market segment at Performance Intermediates. Evonik’s new rapid gelling agent offers customers an array of benefits. Examples of these benefits include faster processing speeds, improved storage stability at low temperatures, and a thinner polyurethane topcoat for the soft PVC materials made from the product — all while keeping emission values low. “When we developed ELATUR® DPT, we focused on the benefit to our customers right from the start. Resolving their specific challenges makes us a partner and means we can help shape their business,” Becker notes. “That’s exactly what our Chemistry4People vision describes.”

The Performance Intermediates Business Line laid the foundation for continuous technology and product innovation by establishing a powerful, application-oriented research and development department, modern laboratory and pilot plant facilities, and a close network of leading research institutes and other partners.

Diisopentyl terephthalate, which Evonik sells under the brand name ELATUR® DPT, is produced in Marl from a C5 intermediate within the integrated production network. This backward integration into the oxo-alcohol allows Performance Intermediates to increase the functionality of its own integrated production network while generating real added value for the entire supply chain — and thus reinforcing the company’s smart approach to shaping its ChemicalBusiness.

Increasing technical and environmental demands on soft-PVC applications make high-molecular-weight plasticizers particularly sought after. Thanks to its universal plasticizer VESTINOL® 9 (DINP), its rapid-gelling agent VESTINOL® INB, and its plasticizer ELATUR® CH (DINCH), Performance Intermediates also has other high-quality products in its portfolio for numerous soft-PVC applications.