diolefin for special synthetic rubbers


1,2-butadiene is a diolefin used mainly as a process additive in the production of special synthetic rubbers.

What is 1,2-butadiene and what is it used for?  

1,2-butadiene is a high-purity diolefin (so-called dienes or allenes) used mainly as a process additive (molecular weight regulator), e.g. in the production of special synthetic rubber types and as an intermediate in the synthesis of fine chemicals.

A few technical details:  

1,2-butadiene is a highly reactive, highly flammable (liquefied) gas with good solubility in hydrocarbons as well as alcohols and ethers. Because of its high reactivity, 1,2-butadiene can be stabilized on request, using tertbutylpyrocatechol (TBC), which will allow prolonged transport without loss of quality. 1,2-butadiene must be stored under strictly controlled conditions at temperatures < 30 °C and in the absence of oxygen.

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Where is 1,2-butadiene produced and how is it transported?  

In our state-of-the-art C4 Verbund, we process various exclusively C4-based raw material flows from steam crackers and refineries, such as crude-C4 (so-called CC4) or FCC-C4 (fluid catalytic cracking-C4). The high C4 purity of the intermediates enables the production of high-quality derivatives. The use of special purification and processing technologies safely eliminates any undesirable impurities. Our continuous production ensures the constant and reliable availability of our products. 1,2-butadiene is produced at Evonik's largest production site in Marl, Germany. We offer our customers 1,2-butadiene in tank containers and special containers.

How can you contact us?  

Sebastian Hotz is your contact person for all matters concerning the product 1,2-butadiene. He will help you with any questions you may have on this subject. Are you interested in our product? Then contact Sebastian Hotz by e-mail or via LinkedIn.

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