#23 The family’s Christmas tree speaks to us

Our colleague Frank Dallmann shared a wonderful poem his father in-law wrote with us.

It was by chance that I came into this house; it was the lady of the family who picked me out. This one, this ugly little tree, that’s what I heard; it disheartened me. I was so looking forward to Christmas Eve, to be adorned with baubles and lights; excited children with their eyes on me.

Oh, the price I paid to be in your house; you picked me out and chopped me down. Drove me miles away, squashed and dismayed. No water, no light, no room to breathe; oh how I wished, I wished I could leave. My roots are gone, we bid farewell; it hurts so much, this fate they befell. My branches were full, they were warm and safe; for many animals a home, a hiding place. Foxes and rabbits wished me “Good night”, and mice built their nest here, tucked up warm and tight. And the birds, so many birds, how they did sing; they sat in my crown and sung of the king. People, too, both sick and old, came to my woods, truth be told. Whether pagan or Christian, they sought relief from sorrow and suffering. Here, in this forest, one finds comfort and solace. Did you ever give thought to the air you breathe, provided by us, fulfilling your needs?

So, look a little closer, take me in, am I really as ugly as you once did think? I’m no different to you. Beauty and looks may come and go, what’s really important is your heart and your soul. Here in this home, I am not alone. So, come, rejoice, and celebrate with me. Season’s greetings from your ugly little Christmas tree.