#12 – Gingerbread house vs. butter biscuits house

Christmas Time means enjoy!

They are not only sweet to look at but also taste like sweet: gingerbread houses. However, if you wait too long, the gingerbread will be hard and it will not taste as delicious anymore. As an alternative, here is a recipe of butter biscuit houses:


  • 3 Butter biscuits (per house)
  • Sugar sprinkles
  • Jelly bears
  • M&Ms
  • 120 g Powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice


  • Stir the lemon juice and powdered sugar until you get a thick sugar icing.
  • Place one butter biscuit on the table in front of you and put some icing along the long sides. Form a roof of two more butter biscuits and place them on top of the icing on the base biscuit.
  • Add sugar icing across the gable of the roof.
  • Decorate the house by attaching M&Ms, sugar sprinkles or jelly bears with the sugar icing.
  • Wait until the sugar icing has hardened, admire your work and if you dare, enjoy eating it.