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B2B is not always easy to explain. Let us show you, where you can find our products in your daily life!

WMA Specialties Shaving Foam Rasierschaum Drivosol


The weekend was again way too short, the alarm rings too early and you need to get yourself ready! Work is not solving itself without you! 

That is how every other week might start. Some call it the “typical Monday”. Despite a lack of motivation you somehow manage to get up. A crucial morning decision arises: first having a breakfast or going to the bath? No matter what comes first, you have to do both and make yourself ready for work, taking a shower, brushing your teeth and styling yourself. Men might shave and put wax or styling gel into their hair, while women might put up make-up and perfume. Then you are ready for the first day of the new week!

And again, we have met already!

But where? This time most likely the men will have met us. The shaving foam you just used contains one of our products! The foam comprises DRIVOSOL®, an aerosol propellant, which is used to enable spraying procedures in spraying cans or in this case the foaming of the material. It is NOT reacting with the material, but equipping the gases and materials with additional attributes, making them usable in various different appliances of propellants.

Equipped with this knowledge this week can only become a good one!

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Pharma, Cosmetic & Surfactants Intermediates
Rubber + PE Monomers - mattress_2

You have had a long day, your to-do list is finished and you are coming home. It is already the best part of the day starts, isn’t it?

Imagine one of these perfect days when everything you planned worked out. When coming home, you are spending time with your family or friends, cooking a delicious meal, reading something interesting or going for some productive sports. No matter what you do, you can choose! Maybe you even allow yourself a warm and relaxing bath or shower and forget about the time. And at the end of the day you are falling into your cozy bed and finally having a deep and recreative sleep. Perfect and healthy premises for the upcoming days!

And again, we met already!

Wondering where? The mattress you are sleeping on contains one of our products!

Butadiene is used in the production of synthetic foam elements, which make the mattress more comfortable and yet stable and durable. As people spend a significant amount of time in their bed, we are #proud to deliver an important part to this product!

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Rubber & PE Monomers
Weichmacher  - Flip Flop

Summer is almost over in the northern hemisphere; the holidays ended and live is getting serious again. You lean back in your office-chair, close your eyes and think back of your holiday. You can smell the fresh breeze from the ocean and feel the warm sand beneath your feet.

Again, we met already!

No clue where? This time potentially in your flip-flop style sandals.
Most flip-flops use PVC as sole material, which can be softened with our VESTINOL® or ELATUR® plasticizers. However, some are made from synthetic and natural rubber. For the synthetic rubbers our butadiene and isobutene are essential intermediates. 

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Evonik-Performance-Intermediates-Rubber-PE Monomers-Butadiene-Butene-1

Imagine, you come home after a busy day, slightly stressed and feeling sluggish. You decide to use the day’s last bit of sunrays and go for a run to clear your head. You put on your fancy running shirt, with matching shorts and lace-up your running shoes!

And just like that, before you even left your door – we met already!


Well, there are multiple options but this time we are talking about your running shoes. Have you ever wondered what makes a running shoe flexible, shock absorbing and at the same time durable? In case you haven’t – here is the answer: It is SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber – a rubber mixture where the main component is 1,3 butadiene.

But 1,3 butadiene is not only used for running shoes, it is also the basis to produce polybutadiene used in automotive tires or to make ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). ABS is usually used as a component for telephone and computer casings or other electronical devices.

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Rubber & PE Monomers
Specialties Washing agent

The laundry-mountains are growing and the closet is almost empty?
Now you have two options: 1. go and get new clothes or 2. wash and reuse your clothes!

Most people’s choice would chose to wash their dirty clothes. However, which rules do you have to follow? Put everything together and cook them until it is clean? You better avoid that! Here are some rules to not get lost:

1. Check the care label, it provides the relevant instructions for each piece.

2. Sort your laundry: white, colored, fine and wool/silk.

3. Pretreat visible stains, to clean that piece.

4. Preferably fill the whole washing machine - except for fine laundry and wool clothes - and choose the correct washing program.

5. Depending on the type of laundry, choose the washing agent and its dosage.

6. Start the washing program at a preferably low temperature, 20 to 40 degrees and once a month at 60 degrees, depending however on the material you are washing.

7. Hang your clothes to dry.

Again, in one of these steps – we met already!

This time our product is part of step number five. Your chosen washing agent is likely to be liquid. Exactly these contain our product ITDA (Isotridecyl alcohol)! As a versatile product for manufacturing of surfactants it is essential for the liquid washing agents to support their semi-fluid character and the solubility in the washing process. Washing can be so easy, when you follow these simple steps!

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Pharma, Cosmetic & Surfactants Intermediates

The BBQ garden party is in full swing, when it starts to rain. People go inside. The party continues. A bottle of wine is spilled. The flooring will be a mess tomorrow! Yet, no signs of panic – the host calmly gets some rags, roughly wipes over it and says he is going to clean the rest tomorrow. Tomorrow, how can he stay that relaxed?

Because we met already!

At this very party. The host thoughtfully laid out stylish PVC flooring, which often contains our plasticizers VESTINOL® or ELATUR®.

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Do you still remember the garden party that moved indoors due to sudden rain where we met last time at the end of summer?

A bottle of wine was spilled but the host remained relaxed due to his stylish and easy to clean PVC flooring. Imagine it is the day after the party. The host wakes up, gets his first cup of coffee, turns the music on and then starts cleaning up the party leftovers. He pours water into a bucket to swipe the floor first. He adds household cleanser, dips the mop into the water and there you go.

Before he starts swiping the floor, we met already!

You wonder where we have met this time. Well this time our Oxo Alcohol 2-PH (2-Propylheptanol) could have been an ingredient in the household cleanser the host just poured into the bucket of water. 2-PH is convenient to use and has a good solubility.

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

Oxo Alcohols

Depending on the driving style, a petrol engine runs ~190,000 miles (~300,000 kilometers) on average before the engine needs serious technical repair. You could drive ~7.5 times around the globe with your car– if there was a consistent road – before it breaks down.

How is that possible? Let's find out what boosts the lifetime of your car:

1. Regular oil changes and changes of small parts (e.g. spark plugs), regular checks and a gentle style of driving.

2. Development & use of higher quality materials, with increased durability.

3. Road quality & fuel types!

There you go, we met already: every time you refuel your car!

Gasoline fuels include MTBE (Methyl tert-butyl ether), an anti-knocking agent & octane rating booster.

Great, but what does that mean?

If the fuel burns uncontrolled, it makes a loud sound called “knockings”. The higher the octane rating, the lower the chances for a quicker deterioration & potential quick overheating of the engine.

Improved combustion of fuels in the engine significantly reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases.

In this way, MTBE increases fuel efficiency & the engine lifetime and contributes to improved air quality.

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Fuel Components
Specialties Deo Spray

Summer is approaching and you enjoy exercising and spending quality time outdoors.

You go for a run, do functional exercises outdoors or jointly exercise with your friends. Choose your favorite and go ahead: Sweat is crying fat leaving your body and every little drop will be worth the awesome feeling afterwards. Taking a shower after the workout and putting on deodorant makes you feel refreshed and energized. You cannot wait to meet your friends again and spend the evening outdoors as well.

Again, we have met already!

You wonder where we met this time? Now, it was in your deodorant. The deodorant contains DRIVOSOL®, an aerosol of hydrocarbons. It can be used for cosmetic applications and the different pressure stages fit to the specific requirements of deodorants, shaving foam and hair mousse.

Moreover you can find our DRIVOSOL® in insect repellants, spray paints and household applications like shoe spray and oven spray.

What makes it special?

The scope of application of propellants like DRIVOSOL® is diverse making it an allrounder in the industry, which is not to be missed anymore!

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Pharma, Cosmetic & Surfactants Intermediates
Candle light dinner - WMA

You feel your heartbeat, excitement brushes through your veins. You have prepared your whole apartment for this evening. It has never been that clean. Soft violin music is playing in the background. You only need to light the candles to finish your preparations. You take the lighter to set fire to the candles and dim the lights. As if it was perfectly timed the doorbell rings. You breathe in and open the door.

Before your date enters, we met already.


It could have been in many things, but this time we are talking about your lighter.

To work conveniently pocket lighters nowadays run with gas, so called propellants, like our DRIVOSOL®. Depending on the required function and pressure, we can adjust the individual components: butane, isobutane and propane. 

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Pharma, Cosmetic & Surfactants Intermediates
WMA Picknic

Trees start growing again, flowers are flourishing and temperatures are rising, its spring!

The cold weather is over and you start feeling ready to spend time outside, but what to do? Take your family out for a picnic! First, you go for grocery shopping, buy bread, fruits, cheese and drinks. Pack up your blanket, then fill your picnic basket and a beautiful spring afternoon can begin! But don’t forget your family and friends!

Again, we have met already!

You wonder where? Well, this time in the cheese package you just bought! The glue on the edge of the package contains one of our products: 1-Butene. Our 1-Butene is the star in this application. It is regularly used in the production of food packaging and in this case, your re-closeable cheese packaging would not work without it. Butene-1 provides the characteristic flexibility of the synthetic glue on the edge of the package, making it reusable more than once!

Why is it important?

Making the package reusable, reduces the produced plastic waste and preserves the environment for future generations! We are proud to take part in that idea!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

Rubber & PE Monomers
Reifen Tires

At least in the Northern hemisphere, you cannot deny that the “dark season” has finally started. Despite the beautiful Indian summer and golden October, leaves fall off the trees, it gets dark earlier in the evening and rainy days are more often the reality than you wish. Eventually you will even experience the first snowfalls. In this rather nasty time of the year, traffic gets more dangerous than ever. You assume whether you like it or not, it is best to go and get your cars’ tires changed to winter tires.

You fix an appointment with your local garage; put your winter tires into the trunk of your car to get it done and before you start your engine, we met already!


 This time we met in your cars’ tires. Our product Butadiene is a key component in the production of synthetic rubber, which is used to produce automotive tires, especially the tire tread.

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Rubber & PE Monomers
Bottle Rubber

Imagine you are on your last meters of your run. You are sweating, you are exhausted, yet you breathe steadily in and out. Your legs keep moving, step by step you keep running, and you speed up for the final sprint.

You made it! Happy, satisfied and mentally refreshed you grab your bottle of water to energize your body physically.

Again, we met already!


There are multiple options where we could have met, like the sole of your running shoes we talked about earlier, but this time we met in your sports bottle. 

You want your sports bottle to be shatter-resistant, durable, lightweight, convenient to carry and stylish? You also want your sports bottle to be squeezable so the water flows easily? To achieve all this most sports bottles are made of polyethylene, which is produced from our 1-Butene.

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers. 

Rubber Monomers
Evonik-Performance-Intermediates-Oxo Alcohols-INA-2-PH

Playing a sporty game of water polo, having fun with all kinds of slides or simply splashing around the water. Independently of age playing with water offers various ways to enjoy yourself, preferably during the summer.

And what else is great during the summer? Correct! Washing the car, so that everyone can admire its beauty! So on a sunny afternoon you decide to finally clean it up. Taking your garden hose, some cleaning agent and the vacuum cleaner and the fun can begin. If you are really clever and have kids you offer them a deal to help you! A good old water battle with the kids and they are willing to support you with the outside cleaning. When you are finished all of you are happy and the car looks fantastic!

And again, we have met already!

Wonder where? The garden hose you were using to clean the car and make the kids enjoy the afternoon might contain one of our products. Isononanol (INA) is a C4-based alcohol, used as raw material for high quality plasticizers. These plasticizers are also used for the production of different tubes and hoses to equip them with flexibility and durability. High quality in this field leads to longer product life and less breaking of the hoses!

That enhances daily life with only one simple thing like a garden hose for a water battle. If you don’t have children yet, keep that tip in mind!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

Oxo Alcohols
Vestinol Bälle

The Football World Cup 2018 in Russia is one of this year’s athletic highlights. One of the most famous international sports peaks in a spectacular event.

Experiencing this event with your fellow colleagues, friends, family or just any football fan is always a special occasion. Where are you watching the games this year? During parties, BBQ afternoons or even in the stadium itself the sport can strengthen or separate community bonds. On an international level however, the competition mostly remains fair and in the end the best is supposed to win and be respected! So if you are going to the public viewing this year enjoy the international tolerance and support your favorite national team shooting itself to the trophy!

And also in this situation, we met already!

Already wondering where? The footballs themselves often contain plasticizers and in this case one of our products! Usually their inside is made of synthetic plastic balls and the outside of synthetic leather. This plastic or synthetic material either contains VESTINOL®9 or ELATUR®CH, which are plasticizers applied among other things in special PVC-flooring and thermoplastics. It makes the ball flexible, robust and durable, to ensure optimal usage on the pitch! We are proud to be part of such a product, spending so much fun and community around the world!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers.

Shopping mall

Imagine, you want to go shopping, e. g. electronics, food or presents, what will you do? Nowadays you might call “Alexa”, “Siri” or say “ok Google” to order at one of the various online shops. Why don’t you try something “new”? 

Well, in this case “new” actually rather means something traditional. Where else could you? Exactly, the good old shopping mall! Allow yourself a well-planned afternoon in the new mall in town. Take your best friends or family with you, grab a coffee, buy something new or just look at the shop-windows and check out the new product innovations! Experience all that in a comfortable environment, where the temperature is perfect, no matter of the weather outside. This will be a rewarding afternoon in contrast to the daily routine!

There you go, again we have met already!

But where was it this time? The refreshed and well-tempered air you just experienced comes out of an air conditioner, which is likely to consist one of our products. TMH or Trimethylhexanal is in the spotlight here! TMH is often used to produce either lubricants or additives for lubricants, plasticizers and fragrances. In this case, it was part of a lubricant, which is used in the air conditioning system to ensure its continuous functionality!

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Chemical Ingredients
WMA Vestinol Elatur Sportmatten

Elementary school, the first step into a process of growing up. Getting to know the school environment, making new friends and not having any problems yet!

Imagine you are travelling back in time to your school, sitting in class with your old friends and enjoying your bread and butter. You just had a class of math with your nemesis teacher, which again gave you lots of homework. It does not matter, next class is going to be sports! Will it be a playing hour? Or will you try out the athletics like they do in Olympia? Well, today the teacher decided to do leapfrogging. After warming up and putting a big sports mat, a spring board and the springbok in place you can start!

And at the very moment you landed on the big blue sports mat – we met already!

You are probably guessing where. The sports mat itself contains one of our products! Usually they are made of synthetic plastic, in case something goes wrong you want to land softly! This plastic either contains VESTINOL®9 or ELATUR®, which is applied in special PVC-flooring and thermoplastic, making the mat more resistant to external influence and yet soft enough to land on it! We wonder if even our kids will also be landing on those big blue sport mats!?

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers. 

#WMA - Oktoberfest

It is one of the most famous German traditions and is known as the largest folk festival all around the globe. Every year millions of people attend the event in the south of Germany. How about you?

Oktoberfest, also known as “Wiesn”, is famous for its large beer tents, exceptional parish fairs and the native delicacies of the region. While the classic festival is held in Munich, Germany, hosting for around 6 million visitors yearly, the region offers various alternatives e.g. the “Wasn” in Stuttgart or the “Wiener Wiesn” in Wien, Austria. No matter which one you choose you are likely to experience a cheerful get-together! Intercultural exchange in an open and communicative environment is a good opportunity to make new friends or get inspired. So take your friends and family out to a trip to Oktoberfest and make it an unforgettable event!

And again, also at Oktoberfest, we have met already!

 You wonder where? The tent in which you are enjoying your beer potentially contains one of our products! If it is one of these special tents build with PVC canvas, the chance is even higher! Either VESTINOL®9, ELATUR® CH or ELATUR® DPT can be part of exactly those canvas used for such tents. They are widely applied in special PVC-applications, making the covers more resistant to influence by the elements and more flexible for colors and paint to be applied. Special characteristics in the Oktoberfest environment to apply the characteristic “tent emblems” or advertisements and enjoy the quality of German beer without any interruption!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers. 

WMA INA Underbody Unterboden
The Netherlands are probably not the best place for that. Much better are the beautiful Scottish Highlands, the long lasting Australian Desert or the diversified Alps. 

Have you ever done a driving safety training? It prepares and secures you for much of what could happen on regular roads. But going for an offroad trip with a 4-wheeled car and a multitude of the horse powers of what you are used to, you are likely to reach a new level. You do not only learn to control the car in extreme circumstances, you will potentially have fun and increase your self-confidence in driving. Best of all, you can do that without having to buy your own off-road vehicle! A variety of different renting offers in all major regions exist. So take yourself to the next level and advance your regular driver’s experience by an amazing offroad adventure! Go, feel the adrenaline and enjoy!

And right there, we met already!

But where this time? The offroad car you rented, potentially contains one of our products: Isononanol (INA). INA is a C4-based alcohol, used as raw material for high quality plasticizers. In this case the plasticizers are used for the production of underbody coatings to equip cars with durable and resistant protection from the bottom. This is certainly extra important for offroad vehicles. High quality in this field leads to increased lifetime of your car and significantly decreases your maintenance and repair bills!

As we make #Chemistry4People – this is one way to create the future of C4Chemistry together with our customers. 

Oxo Alcohols