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Our #C4Family

Meet our colleagues and get to know more about why they have taken over a product godparenthood.



"Combining personal contact & online services - that's the benchmark for tomorrow!”

Dr. Dirk Höhler is currently Head of Marketing and Sales for the Performance Intermediates business line in Marl. He is responsible for global marketing and sales of C4 products. The identification of new markets and applications, the modernization of standard processes, the development of digital solutions and the refocusing of resources on high-growth products are among his main tasks. C4Connect®? We make digitalization simple!

C4 Connect eBusiness | Evonik

Standard method to connect order process software (e.g. SAP) via Elemica between our customers and us in order to exchange order documents and information.


Evonik Order Management Portal which gives our customers access to all information concerning current and historical orders, including the main order documents. It allows our customers to set up orders in our ERP System.


Our web application to directly formulate individual DRIVOSOL® mixtures with flexible pressure stages.


Our eCommerce solution on which we offer dedicated products in two different ways: bidding and offer creation.


Our online platform for customers with access: to business figures, contract status overview & KPIs, as well as a collaborative planning option and the exchange of market information & joint development projects.


“Since I am part of the plasticizer group, I first realized the number of end products I deal with on a daily basis which contain our products.”

Dr. Christine Weiss operates as marketing manager in the market segment of oxo alcohols and surfactants in Marl since 1st of March. In her position, she is mainly focused on customer support and relationship management regarding the optimal usage of our products in relevant markets. Furthermore, Christine is taking care of the market and application development within this segment, e.g. the identification of new applications for our products 2-PH, Pentanol and INA as well as our plasticizers ELATUR® CH, VESTINOL® 9 und VESTINOL® INB.

C4 products ITDA MTBE 2PH TBA | Evonik


  • APPLICATION: INA-based plasticizer with an excellent cost/performance ratio. VESTINOL® 9 is the most versatile plasticizer and can be used in thermoplastic- as well as in plastisol-processing of flexible PVC. VESTINOL® 9 also serves as a flexibilizer for paints, coatings and adhesives.

  • END MARKET: construction industry, automotive industry, polymer industry, coating industry 

  • CHEMICAL NAME: Di-isononyl phthalate 

  • CAS NO: 28553-12-0 

  • CHARACTERISTICS: lower viscosity; better and lower volatility than conventional DINP; very good softening effect and excellent gelling properties

Evonik-Performance-Intermediates-C4Family_Michael Grass_Elatur DPT

“With ELATUR® DPT I was there from the beginning! I am pleased that our latest product will help to further improve future floor coverings.”

Dr. Michael Graß is currently group leader in research and product development / application technology for plasticizers in Marl. Together with his team, he is in charge of the entire process from synthesis to sampling to market launch and technical service for our plasticizers. In addition to the research hours in the laboratory, this includes close cooperation with our customers.

  • APPLICATION: ELATUR® DPT is our new fast fuser for plastisol PVC applications, like flooring, wall coverings and coated fabrics. The plasticizer can be used for the production of low-emission flooring and is especially effective when used in combination with ELATUR® CH.

  • END MARKET: construction industry, automotive industry, coating industry, adhesives

  • CHEMICAL NAME: Di(iso)-pentyl- terephthalate

  • CAS NO: 2097734-13-7 

  • CHARACTERISTICS: low viscosity; good storage & processing properties


“Cleaning the water with “oils”! What was once only theoretical information during my studies can now be transferred into my daily work.”

After completing a degree in Environmental Engineering and Resource Management, Benedikt Dercks is now working as an Assistant Plant Manager in the Oxo plant in Marl. His main tasks include primarily occupational safety monitoring in the interior and exterior, as well as the production monitoring of oxo alcohols.



  • APPLICATION: Versatile products are used in lubricants, water treatment, defoamers as well as solvents or fuel components 

  • END MARKET: Pulp and paper flotation, industrial water purification, leather and textile industry, fuel industry, oil industry, coating industry

  • CHEMICAL NAME: Hydroformulation products of: Octene (Oxo Oil LS 9 & HS9)Dodecene (Oxo Oil LS 13)

  • CAS NO: 68526-89-6 (Oxo-Oil HS9)68526-92-1 (Oxo-Oil LS 13) 68938-03-4 (Oxo-Oil LS 9)

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Oxo Oil LS 9: colourless, water-clear liquid; low boiling point Oxo Oil LS 13: clear colourless liquid; low boiling point Oxo Oil HS 9: low volatility liquid; high boiling point


“I like driving a car. Every time I fill up with gas, my eyes always stop at the gas pump to see if our product is in there.”

Daniela Kock is currently working as a Marketing Manager for the ‘Rubber & PE Monomers’ market segment in Marl. In her position, she is responsible for all marketing activities for the products Isobutane, n-Butane, mixtures of those two products and hydrogen. Market development, customer acquisition and support for existing customers is also in Daniela’s area of responsibility.



  • APPLICATION: Isobutane is mainly used as an aerosol propellant for various products. It is used as a foaming agent in polymer production. Isobutane can also be used as energy fuel (Liquified petroleum gas LPG)

  • END MARKET: Fuel components, Pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry, Production of packaging materials & technical synthetic articles.

  • CHEMICAL NAME: 2-Methylpropane 

  • CAS NO: 75-28-5 

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Purified gas 

Angela Heykamp C4Family

“Since my child goes to the daycare, there is no craft lesson without hot glue. I do not want to miss hot glue especially for making lanterns."

Dr. Angela Heykamp is working as team leader for the C4 research & development department in Marl. Her main tasks include the investigation of alternative raw materials and the optimization of the feedstock quality for the C4-Verbund. Another challenge that Angela faces is the process optimization of the raffinate plant as well as developing and testing new catalysts.

  • APPLICATION: Butene-1 is mainly used as co-monomer for polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE) or co-monomer for ethylene/propylene copolymers where it improves for example the tear strength of the polymer. Further it is used as intermediate for the production of various products, for example antioxidants, plasticizers, herbicides, corrosion inhibitors or additives to lubricating and hydraulic oils.

  • END MARKET: Production of packaging, Construction and chemical industry

  • CHEMICAL NAME: Butene-1

  • CAS NO: 106-98-9

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Colourless liquified gas 


“Although the TMH production is only a small part of our plant, it ensures that you can always keep a cool head not only at work, but also in your free time.”

As a trained chemist, Jan Rockahr works in the rotating shift as a production employee. His main tasks in the Oxo plant include primarily the quality analysis in outdoor and indoor use, as well as the resource-saving and energy-efficient handling of the plant and end product.



  • APPLICATION: High purity aldehyde as an intermediate for the production of lubricants, lubricant additives and plasticizers.

  • END MARKET: Chemical and refrigerant industry

  • CHEMICAL NAME: Trimethylhexanal

  • CAS NO:5435-64-3

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Colourless liquid; very slightly soluble in water

C4Family Imke Elatur CH

“Since I'm a mom, I've been increasingly looking at the ingredients of products that are in direct physical contact with my son. Therefore, when buying toys, I pay attention to the use of a plasticizer, which is particularly suitable for sensitive applications.”

Dr. Imke Schulz is working as a laboratory supervisor for the performance testing of plasticisers in Marl. Her main tasks are the testing of newly developed plasticizers in various applications, such as flooring, wallpaper, cable sheathing or underbody protection. Furthermore, Imke supports the introduction of new products and the technical support of customers, for example by adjusting recipes or troubleshooting in production.

  • APPLICATION: Non-phthalate plasticizer for the versatile usage in flexible PVC manufacturing. ELATUR® CH is particularly designed for addressing today's requirements in special PVC applications.

  • END MARKET:  Construction industry, automotive industry, coating industry, adhesives

  • CHEMICAL NAME:  Diisononyl cyclohexanoate

  • CAS NO: 166412-78-8 

  • CHARAKTERISTICS: High viscosity stability of plasticizers