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Meet our colleagues and get to know more about why they have taken over a product godparenthood.

Dr. Angela Heykamp - Butene-1

Angela Heykamp C4Family

“Since my child goes to the daycare, there is no craft lesson without hot glue. I do not want to miss hot glue especially for making lanterns."

Dr. Angela Heykamp is working as team leader for the C4 research & development department in Marl. Her main tasks include the investigation of alternative raw materials and the optimization of the feedstock quality for the C4-Verbund. Another challenge that Angela faces is the process optimization of the raffinate plant as well as developing and testing new catalysts.


Butene-1 is mainly used as co-monomer for polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE) or co-monomer for ethylene/propylene copolymers where it improves for example the tear strength of the polymer. Further it is used as intermediate for the production of various products, for example antioxidants, plasticizers, herbicides, corrosion inhibitors or additives to lubricating and hydraulic oils.

End market

Production of packaging, Construction and chemical industry

Chemical Name


Cas No



Colourless liquified gas 


“I like driving a car. Every time I fill up with gas, my eyes always stop at the gas pump to see if our product is in there.”

Daniela Kock is currently working as a Marketing Manager for the ‘Rubber & PE Monomers’ market segment in Marl. In her position, she is responsible for all marketing activities for the products Isobutane, n-Butane, mixtures of those two products and hydrogen. Market development, customer acquisition and support for existing customers is also in Daniela’s area of responsibility.



  • APPLICATION: Isobutane is mainly used as an aerosol propellant for various products. It is used as a foaming agent in polymer production. Isobutane can also be used as energy fuel (Liquified petroleum gas LPG)

  • END MARKET: Fuel components, Pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry, Production of packaging materials & technical synthetic articles.

  • CHEMICAL NAME: 2-Methylpropane 

  • CAS NO: 75-28-5 

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Purified gas