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Our products DRIVERON® S, DRIVOSOL® and ITDA are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

Our Logistic Options

We offer the following means of transportation of DRIVERON®S, DRIVOSOL® and IDTA to our customers according to product:
- Seagoing Tank Containers
- Rail Tank Cars
- Trucks

main Applications

Our high-purity products are ideally suitable for the requirements our customers’ needs such as: 
- Process solvent 
- Aerosols
- Intermediate for surfactants

Benefits to our customers

DRIVERON® S is a solvent that is stable against peroxidation for safe production process and recovery.
DRIVOSOL® is a safe odor free aerosol propellant that is free of sulfur, aromatics, butadiene, and chlorine.

ITDA is a high quality intermediate for modern, versatile and safe surfactants production.

Dedicated continuous production warrants constant availability and reliable supply

Fun facts about us

We offer the following means of transportation of DRIVERON®S, DRIVOSOL® and IDTA to our customers according to product:

  • Our specialty products can be found in a multitude of items including chewing gum, hairspray, and even our everyday clothes.

  • Our specialties were developed as a result of our dedication to sustainability.

The ‘good old’ mixture diagram – C4Chemistry goes digital!

The mixture diagram illustrates possible compositions of the DRIVOSOL® main components isobutane, propane and n-butane. 

It is an equal-sided triangle in which one of three substances is shown on each side on a scale of 0-100%. Depending on the preferred pressure stage, it results in certain propellant gas mixtures with different compositions.

For example if you are looking for a mixture with 3.5 bar, a composition of 24.0% propane, 72.0% isobutane and 4.0% n-butane would be possible. This corresponds to our current product DRIVOSOL® 35D04.

Thanks to digitalization, calculating the correct mixture ratio is much easier and less complicated. By using our DRIVOSOL® Tuner your way to your desired product is only a few clicks away! 

Make yourself familiar with all the applications and possible setting options:


Dr. Hinnerk Becker

Specialties - Pharma, Cosmetic, and Surfactant Intermediates