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Our oxo alcohols INA and 2-PH are important raw material components in the manufacture of plasticizers. 2-PH is also used in the production of surfactants.


We offer the following means of transportation of INA and 2-PH to our customers:
- ISO Containers 
- Tank Trucks 
- Rail Tank Cars 
- Barges, Coasters
- Seagoing Vessels


- Plasticizers

benefits to our customers

We provide In-depth global knowledge of down-stream markets for both alcohols and plasticizers.
Plasticizers produced from INA and 2-PH can be used in a broad range of applications.

fun facts about us
  • We produce 450,000 tons of INA and 2-PH each year, which equals to a train that is 118 km long.

  • Our OXO plant is large enough that it can cover nearly half a soccer field.

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Oxo Alcohols