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MTBE (DRIVERON┬«) is used as an anti-knocking agent in gasoline fuels and is an enabler for cleaner fuels worldwide. 

Isobutene is a versatile intermediate for the production of various fuel and lubricant additives, synthetic rubbers and specialty chemicals like e.g. fragrances and antioxidants.

Our Logistic Options

We currently offer the shipment of MTBE through barges.
Isobutene is offered in various modes of transportation, such as:
- Seagoing Vessels
- Barges 
- Rail Tank Cars
- Trucks 
- Tank Containers
- Iso-Containers 

Main applications

- Gasoline fuels 
- Fuel & lubricant additives
- Synthetic rubbers
- Specialty chemicals

benefits to our customers

The anti-knocking agent MTBE raises the octane rating of gasoline fuels and improves the combustion of fuels in the engine. This significantly reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide, particles, and hydrocarbons. The high blend octane rating of MTBE also reduces the use of toxic substances such as lead, manganese and benzene in gasoline. In this way, MTBE contributes to improved air quality.

High purity isobutene is a chemical building block with many applications, especially in the mobility sector: You may find it in transportation fuels (e.g. in cleaning additives) in lubricants (e.g. in antioxidants, friction modifiers or anti-wear additives) or even in tires (e.g. in agents to glue different elastomer parts prior to vulcanization).

fun facts about us
  • A 10cm diameter tube filled with all our annual MTBE would be as long as half the way from Earth to Moon.

  • We are one of the first businesses to produce MTBE, which began over 40 years ago. 


Dr. Oliver Busch

Fuel Components