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Specialties - Chemical Ingredients

Performance Intermediates - Markets & Applications - Chemical Ingredients

Our products Di-iso-Butene, Tert.-Butanol azeotrope, Tert.-Butanol pure and Trimethylhexanol are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

Our Logistic Options

- Seagoing Tank Containers
- Rail Tank Cars
- Trucks

main applications

Main applications for our Chemical Ingredients are high purity intermediates for the sythesis of:
- Organic peroxides
- Antioxidants
- Agrochemicals
- Resins
- Pharmaceuticals
- Fine chemicals
- Organic acids
- Fragances
- Lubricants
- Polyurethanes
- Co-solvents

Benefit to our customers

High purity of our intermediates facilitates the production of high-value derivatives for our customers. Our dedicated continuous production warrants constant availability and reliable supply

Fun facts about us
  • Our specialty products can be found in a multitude of items including chewing gum, hairspray, and even our everyday clothes.

  • Our specialties were developed as a result of our dedication to sustainability


Dr. Hinnerk Becker

Specialties - Chemical Ingredients