#PIiP: Meet our colleagues in person

With our online campaign #PIiP we would like to introduce our colleagues who are working for you every day!

We are Performance Intermediates and one of us is: Dr. Anna Chiara Sale

What is your job in our BL Performance Intermediates?
I work in the Oxo-chemicals Research as a R&D Manager. I am responsible for the research and development of ligands used in the hydroformylation and methoxycarbonylation. In addition, I’m responsible for the external cooperation. The different management tasks give me also the opportunity to travel and to be connected with the international research community.

How would you describe yourself?
I can describe myself as a person very grateful for what the life has given me. I enjoy my life trying to stay always positive. I put passion in everything I do and I believe. I am very determinate and tenacious to achieve my dreams.

How does a perfect weekend for you look like?
I must spend my ideal weekend with the people who I love and it must be very relaxing. It can be on the beach. During the day, I can enjoy the sun with a good book and in the evening I can play guitar and sing. Alternatively, getting massages in a wellness-Hotel would be not so bad…

Where or what is "home" for you and why?
I come from Sardinia (Italy). My home is in one of the four different places in the world called “Blue Zone” where the people experience a very long life. What is the secret behind that? A wonderful sunny weather, hard work, deep social surrounding, and healthy food (the Sardinian wine contains the highest amount of antioxidants among all the existing ones). Wine is healthy, but just in small amounts :-) !

What is your function/role in Performance Intermediates?
• I work as a chemical lab technician within our Research & Development and Quality Control department at our site in Marl, Germany.

What does your typical day in the laboratory look like, if that exists?
• What is “typical“!?  No two days' work are ever the same! That is exactly what makes it so interesting. Sometimes my day starts with controlling the equipment and taking quality control measurements. While enjoying a cup of coffee, I insert the results of these tests into the system. Subsequently we will discuss the results with the group leaders to agree on potential next steps.

What should a Sunday breakfast always contain?
• Café latte and smoked salmon

How would you describe yourself?
• I am always in a good and joyful mood! A nice colleague once said I was the sunshine of building 785.

Which is your favorite travel destination?
• My absolute favorite travel destination is Noderney, a German island in the north sea and my personal Hawaii.

What is your function/role in Performance Intermediates?
• I take care of marketing and sales in the Greater China region. This means I frequently visit our customers but I am also the link to our global sales & marketing organization.

What do you like most about working in Performance Intermediates?
• I love the German style direct and efficient way of communication. However, we always respect each other.

What is the biggest adventure you have been on?
• Maybe it is not the biggest adventure, but definitely the most exciting trip I have made was a trip to Tibet, where I got very close to Zolmo Lungma, also known as Mt. Everest.

What would you recommend to China-travellers? Which “Chinese” food to try or places to see?
• First, I have to say there is no “Chinese” food in China. Every region offers completely different local food. I would recommend trying dumplings and noodles, because this way you can try the different tastes from different regions with one dish.

Places someone should visit would definitely include Xi’An and of course, Beijing, both truly beautiful places with long history.

What is your function/role in Performance Intermediates?
Out of our Parsippany, New Jersey office I am responsible for all areas of customer communication and order related services for the United States - domestic, import, and export related tasks as well as Logistics to ensure uninterrupted supply of products to our customers.

What does your typical day at the office look like?
My day at the office always starts with a cup of French vanilla coffee. Through interactions with our terminal, internal & external customers, and carriers, I am involved in daily trouble shooting to ensure customer satisfaction from the time the order is placed until the delivery is completed and invoiced. I have been working in Performance Intermediates for several years and have to say that there is never a dull moment.

What excites you in working for Performance Intermediates?
I am thrilled when given an impossible delivery scenario by a customer and being able to avoid a shutdown by using our Evonik resources and contacts in the industry.

What is your most favorite travel destination?
I love travelling to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are so many different things to do, beautiful beaches, aquariums, lighthouses and scenic boat rides. For me it is the perfect place to relax and have fun.

What is your role in our Business Line Performance Intermediates?
We, the logistic management team, take care that all products and raw materials in our sites are in the right place at the right time, and that this happens smoothly. We move the goods in various transport modes, from tiny trucks to huge sea going vessels.

What thrilles you most about our Business Line Performance Intermediates?
To be part of a team with whom the work is so much fun.

You won't leave your home to go to work without...?
I would never leave the house without having put pommade into my hair.

What do you do besides work / What is your favorite hobby?
I love dressage horseback riding but also ride my horse during German carnival parades. I am also the singer of the semi-professional rockabilly band "The Gentle Keys". Both hobbies are a perfect change to my job.

What is your job in our BL Performance Intermediates?
On the one hand I am controller for the OXO part of the Verbund and on the other hand I am involved in almost all projects of our business line (investment, R&D, digitization, business projects) for the purpose of economic evaluation.

What excites you most about our BL Performance Intermediates?
1. The colleagues.
2. The business line is characterized by an interesting mix of evolved culture and the urge to continue to develop.

Without what are you never on the way to work?
Optional Cola Light or Zero.

What's your perfect weekend?
Lots of sun, sports and family, and just a little gardening. And if the weekend ends with a mojito in hand at the beach, it is pretty much perfect.