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We as Performance Intermediates pursue a clear goal: Becoming the market leader in the production of polymer materials and intermediates. To achieve this, we have developed the following mission statement: Our future lies in the intelligent design of our chemical business.

In line with our slogan Chemistry4People – we create the C4Chemistry together with our customers.

Evonik Performance Intermediates has two production sites in Marl, Germany, and Antwerp, Belgium.

The Chemiepark Marl is located on the border of the northern Ruhr area and has excellent transport connections: Whether by ship via the Wesel-Datteln Canal, by rail via our supra-regional rail network or by truck via the “Autobahn” A52 and A43 - our products always find the fastest and most efficient way to you, our customers!

The chemical plant in Antwerp offers a decisive locational advantage: the direct connection to the port of Antwerp. Our products can be shipped all over the world from Europe's second largest seaport! In addition, our two production sites are linked via the Rhine and the Wesel-Datteln Canal.

All our eBusiness offerings and solutions are grouped under our digital platform ‘C4Connect®'. Simplify your ordering process with C4EDI, manage orders with C4Orders or configure your individual propellant for aerosols mixture with our C4DRIVOSOL® tuner! C4Buy, our online bidding platform complements our C4Connect® eBusiness solution.

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C4EDI provides an excellent connection between your and our IT system so called Elemica. In this way, we enable you to transfer data quickly and digitally, which simplifies and improves order processing.

You can easily create orders online on our C4Orders portal. With C4Orders, you always have an overview of the current contract status and can manage it. Past contracts and related documents are also always available on C4Orders.

The international business network LinkedIn offers us the opportunity to stay in close contact with our worldwide customers, current and future employees. Follow us and get further information about current trends and developments in the fields fuel components, oxo alcohols, surfactants, plasticizers and more.

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A ‘Verbund’ (production network) is a group of production plants characterized by the cross-processing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products as well as waste and energy products. This creates a closed raw material cycle with efficiency, volume and cost advantages.

Especially in the processing of our raw-materials, e.g. Crack-C4, it is very important, that we secure a smooth and fast process.

We are able to optimally coordinate and benefit from mutual synergy effects. We have the world’s largest integrated C4-production network, based on state of the art technologies in Marl and Antwerp. In this Verbund, our basic raw material Crack-C4 is further processed in an environmentally compatible and resource-efficient manner.

Our employees in Innovation work hard every day to offer our customers even more efficient and high-quality products. To achieve this, we integrate modern analysis and testing methods into our customer projects.
Particularly remarkable is our unique, highly innovative cleaning process, with which the raw material FCC-C4 can be used for the production of chemicals. This has enabled us to further increase the efficiency and diversity of our value chain.