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In our marketing & sales organization, we serve various market segments. In each market segment of Performance Intermediates it is our mission to be the best supplier for our customers, ensuing reliable, loyal, and long-term relationships.

Our more than 50 years of experience have enabled us to acquire extensive market and customer knowledge. Continuous training and further development of our marketing and sales experts is crucial in order to help us meet the requirements of the changing and global markets. 
To live up to our mission of being the best supplier for our customers, we provide one fact to our customers covering all aspects of our cooperation.
Rubber + PE Monomers - Running


Butadiene is a key monomer in the production of synthetic rubbers and lattices.

In the European market, we are the leading supplier of Butene-1. The product is mainly used in the production of high-quality plastics such as polyethylene and poly(1-butene).

Fuel Components_Driving_High Quality


MTBE (DRIVERON®) is used as an anti-knocking agent in gasoline fuels and is an enabler for cleaner fuels worldwide.

Isobutene is a versatile intermediate for the production of various fuel and lubricant additives, synthetic rubbers and specialty chemicals like e.g. fragrances and antioxidants.

Oxo Alcohols - Garden hose


Our oxo alcohols isononyl (INA) and 2-propylheptanol (2PH) are important raw material components in the manufacture of plasticizers. 2-PH is also used in the production of surfactants.

Plasticizers - Modern Flooring


With the addition of plasticizers, polymeric materials such as PVC become flexible and supple for further processing and use. Our plasticizers are manufactured on the basis of isononyl alcohol (INA), and are used primarily for the manufacture of soft-PVC products and in industries such as construction and automotive industries for example.



Diisobutene (DiB), Butanol-tert. (TBA) and Trimethylhexanal (TMH) are high-purity intermediate products for the synthesis of organic peroxides, of antioxidants, agricultural chemicals, resins, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, organic acids, fragrances, lubricants, polyurethanes or solvents.




Our oxo oils HS9, LS9 and LS13 and our linear oligomers Di-n-Butene, Tri-n-Butene, Tetrabutene and Tetrabutane are used in numerous industrial sectors, be it as important intermediate products or as components in water treatment, as thinners or agents in the textile industry, in paper manufacture or metal processing.